The Birdhouse Writers
Writing is easy... just open a vein.


  • Brian Benson
    Transcefunkadentalism -- Applying P-Funk's cosmology to the study of transcendentalism.

  • Pinky
    Why by Pinky -- what it's like to be inside of a smart girl's head.

  • Martha Conway
    Mattel to Barbie: Play Nice or Don't Play at All

  • Kristen M. Sonntag, Esq.
    -- Better Dead Than Blue (Smurfs as Communists)

  • John Cartan
    -- Projects of No Apparent Redeeming Value, Thirty-Six

  • Karen Coyle
    -- Access: Not Just Wires -- On information as commodity

  • Spraxloid
    -- On the Interpretation of Silence -- Figuring Beuys and Duchamp

  • William Brown
    -- The Spectacle of Information and other texts

  • Benoit Baald
    -- On Fractals and Sound Reproduction, Chaos and Aesthetics

  • Scot Hacker
    -- P-Funk, Wittgenstein, Liberace, Post-rock

Other Non-Fiction


Music and Spoken Word