William Oksner - The Spoken Word (in RealAudio format)

A zen monk once said the inside of oneís head (that is, those of us who arenít yet enlightened) is like a town meeting, with all the various personality parts voicing their opinions. The parts interrupt, overlap, and argue. With this in mind, I set out to record a "town meeting", to take the internal voices and externalize them. In doing so, Iíd get a respite from the barrage of noise. These spoken word pieces are the result. As for the respite, the meetings are always in session...

For those interested in the technical aspect of these pieces, they were recorded and mixed at Blue Jay Studios in Carlise, MA. The effects were generated on a Kurzweil K-2000 by creating key maps with a single sample assigned to one or more keys. Each sampleís algorithm was then tweaked at various points along its journey, using LFOs and random sine waves to trigger different effects. The pieces were recorded and mixed using two Studer A-800 MK III 24 track machines and a Solid State Logic consloe with G-Series Computer; 56 channels, SSL Primary Computer with total recall.

Mark Wessel engineered the projects.

(Hint: the 28.8 versions sound a lot better.)

These are real-time spoken word pieces in RealAudio format. We are using pseudo-streaming RealAudio 3.0 for 14.4 and 28.8+ connections. If you're using version 3 of the RealAudio player, these pieces will begin to play almost as soon as you click on them. If they don't, you're not using the latest version. Please download it here, then come back. You have to promise to come back, K?