Shel Kimen at the Birdhouse

Shel Kimen

Misfits in his ears

sunlight filters through dusty blinds, shines bright on muddy socks and a bloody t-shirt. punk rock hero. and afternoon to see particles floating to evaporate in golden brown carpet.

12 Minutes

12 minutes before tommorow the sun might eclipse my sight. i might go blind. i might go deaf. i might find god. i might eat human flesh. i might smash glass, flash through infinity or transport my spirit sans in a fully automated grand national with white wall tires and a v8 super deluxe.
Shel Kimen spends far too much time trying to figure out the ways of the world only to realize there is nothing to figure out. In a world of foxes and hedgehogs (re: Bertrand Russel), Shel is a fox, and she likes it that way. She has a professional life, but you'd think she was a geek if we told you, so let's just pretend that when Shel is not here, she is NOT.