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Images and Video
dali Digital collage
Paper collage
Scanner abuse
f l o w
25 manips of the face of Sprax
Hacker/Kubes wedding photos
Flying Trapeze (video)
Los Platanos Machos Quattros (video)
Visit to a Sad Planet (video)
shacker as a babe in arms

Scot Hacker's Foobar Blog
The BeOS Bible
Old BeView columns from Byte.com
MP3: The Definitive Guide
The Cosmology of P-Funk
Liberace: Grooving with the Fey Heckler
On Post-rock (for The Utne Reader)
Very old jazz reviews for Cadence
Jazz quickies
Multimedia reviews for the Utne Reader
Wittgenstein and the Cub Scouts (for Hermenaut)
Interview with George McGrath