A growing number of pieces flowing into Birdhouse are Web-based creations -- experiences you can't replicate in a coffee-table book. Spongs make heavy use of advanced HTML extensions and require the latest versions of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer to take advantage of borderless frames, animated GIFs, plug-ins, Java, Javascript, etc. If you're not using at least version 3.x or above of these browsers, don't blame us if you don't see anything exciting on these pages.
Spong Classic -- sucks elements of various birdhouse pages into a sort of partially random interactive frames-based wander. It's just getting fired up -- keep checking back to see it swell outside of all rationality and proportion. There's actually an escape hatch built in, if you can find it. Just keep clicking.
The Ebullient Genius of Mark Napier -- Chicken Wire Mother, Shelter, Virtual Grape ... three pieces of ecstatic web art exploring our relationship to symbols, culture, and contact. And grapes.
We Who Are Young Are Old -- Biblioteque Bajazzo's incredible HTMLart exploration of sex and dreams, surrealism and politics, and the public denial of death.
f l o w -- Scot Hacker's full-screen animated light show. Warning: can induce seizures and fits. Consult your physician if conditions persist.
The Surrealist Poetry Generator -- Komninos' poetry machine makes use of later browsers' ability to stop animated GIFs dead in their tracks with the Stop button. Comes in three easy-to-assemble pieces.
Motivational Piece for Manic Depressives -- Amy Kubes's Chaplin-meets-Godard 300K animated movielet on the amazing subject of how to beat crushing depression.
Janan Platt's Birdhouse Visit -- Janan uses Java, animated GIFs, and the mBED plug-in to add motional dimension to her poems.
Gaze -- Coryndon Luxmoore's show includes Birdhouse's first QuickTimeVR movie (bottom center), allowing you to swirl in hyper 3-D over the titillating visage of a NAKED LADY!
Kremer's Scanner Abuse -- There's a lot of scanner abuse floating around Birdhouse, but only Paul Kremer throws his face into a sui generis mandalic display of... whatever. See also: Understanding Fast.
Bands That Never Existed -- Everyone has ruminated over the question of what to name their band... if they ever got around to starting a band. We've got 100s of suggestions, all assembled into three flowing tickers of cut-up shwang.
Yr Name Goes Here -- Got a funky chunk of HTMLart you'd like to display at Birdhouse? See our submission guidelines..