Trapeze Practice
Scot Hacker and Willie Oksner

Circa March 2000

Around March 2000, I went down to Santa Monica to see my friend Willie, who was getting pretty deep into the trapeze scene. His friend and instructor had a rig set up in his back yard, and he let people come and pay a fee to practice. I'm pretty athletic, but trapeze is hard on the body physically, and requires a lot of practice. My muscles were more sore at the end of the day than they had ever been, not to mention the fact that my palms and backs of knees were totally raw. You need to develop some pretty hard-core callouses if you want to become a serious flyer. It didn't help that I had put on some weight in recent months.

I look pretty silly here on my first day on the wires, but it was a gas and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Shot on a Sony TRV-8 DV cam. Movie made in iMovie 2 on Mac OS X. Music is Land of the Loops.