glenn mcdonald

Songs (Catalysts and Villanelles)
The Centrifuge's Song
Half Resigned
A Life of Souvenirs
Torn From Facades

Seven Manipulations of Two Lines

I Used to Live Upstairs from You
Hovercraft Down
Waiting for the Rain in Oklahoma
You're Sleeping Now, Storyteller to Unicorns
Digging for Polar Bears

Christ Products

glenn mcdonald lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, surrounded by precarious piles of books (many of which he has read, though he never got past the part in Gravity's Rainbow about bananas), hundreds of small plastic dinosaurs, more CDs than you'd think he could ever find time to listen to, a computer full of compulsively-assembled lists and interminable music reviews, and the occasional wistful strains of old taped My So-Called Life episodes. He does not have surround sound; he has not written a short-story since 1988.

Available elsewhere:
The War Against Silence (music reviews)

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