William Brown -- The Spectacle of Information

"We live in an age that pretends to believe that "information wants to be free" (though it privately regrets to announce that it can't be). This age loudly proclaims to have figured out how to "liberate" content ("the human mind") from its shackles and to allow it -- in the manner of the world economy -- to grow "without limits." All power to the imagination?! All imagination to power! "

I. That's Entertainment
II. Info-Tainment
III. The Computer
IV. The Suppression of Disorder
V. Buddhism?!
VI. Terrorism and the State
VII. The 21st Century

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About the Author

William Brown is the editor of NOT BORED! a situationist-inspired, low-budget, photocopied fanzine founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan (July, 1983) and currently operating out of New York City. "The Spectacle of Information" was published as the centerpiece of the 25th issue (September 1995), which also includes a pamphlet on the eviction of squatters in NYC; a preliminary report on urban games; an audio cassette of bootlegged Lettrist poetry; and an account of a drift along 42d Street.

"An Open Letter to Stewart Home" was published in the most recent issue (#25, June 1996); "The Fourty-One Curses, Crises and Conspiracies of Everyday Life' was published in #21 July 1992.

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