Amatul Hannan at the Birdhouse

Amatul H. Hannan is a technofeminist VideoPoet and raving ranter who attended 5 years of the Tufts University/SMFA program.

She is currently a Community Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where her research focus is on community computing centers and multimedia curriculums.

She has been a Photoshop instructor, a Mentor at the Computer Clubhouse of The Computer Museum in Boston, and is a founding member of NEWOCA (New England Women of Color Artists). Her areas of interest and study also include: film and video history, Anthropology, social psychology, performance art, video production and media literacy.

She has also directed and produced many multimedia group shows and digital art works, including "North Water World" - exhibited at SIGGRAPH 94 and the Decordova Museum in Lincoln MA, and "First Contact - an exercise in understanding" created for SIGGRAPH 95 in collaboration with the Boston Computer Society Virtual Reality Group.

She prays for peace, wears a beat up black leather jacket, and likes hardcore Hip hop, old school Chicago House, Jungle (140 BPM+) and Imported Techno-noise rock.

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