Yella gal with intellect - asking how YOU livin?

Amatul Hannan

Hangin in the center
Sittin on the fence
Lookin for a way to turn
The dime to fifty cents

Shuffle off to shelters, men
(Sad-faced smelly bums)
"Say dont you remember?"
- he was the kid with the DRUM

Got to get together now
Get it how we can
Use the users, Frame the frames
But dont become The MAN

Tip-toe Counter/Culture time
Child be on the run
"Brother, can you spare a dime?"
"Naw man, but here's a GUN."

Freedom natural for the folk
Heartbeat sets our stance
Flicker-Screens our firelight
We WEEP and yet we DANCE

Yes they fought for YOU young crew
To make them say a man's a man
And if you kill who rides your back
My man, then what's the PLAN?

Copyright © VideoPoet Digital Artist and Webweaver Amatul H. Hannan all rights reserved

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