Unclassifiable fun,
miscellaneous Birdhouse weirdness

Ever found out that a lyric you had sung to yourself all your life was entirely wrong? So have most people. Visit The Birdhouse Archive of Misheard Lyrics to peruse the lyrical boners of others, then submit your own to our ever-growing archive.

Not really fine art, but your fine webmaster was married in May of 2000. Check out images.

How many anagrams for "The Birdhouse Arts Collective" can you think of? How about eleventy billion? Starting with "Thirtieth-Level Subdirectories" and ending with "Cutest heretics halo lovebird."

Creamy, surrealist replacement stardup/shutdown screens for Win95, including a wild, full-screen animated fractal for the power-on sequence and the results of SITO's digital collage parties for the power-off. They're squinchy!

Finally -- the best of Birdhouse Mail!

Geegaw, gewgaw, have a geek at this! Scot Hacker's f l o w is semiotic eye candy, paranoic brain food, barely in the visible spectrum.

The internet's longest, dadaist .SIG file -- the signature of the legendary Kibo.

The Birdhouse Cultural Status Report -- Help us define our times -- what they are, what they aren't, and why Starbucks is bigger than Jesus.

Bands That Could Have Been -- Birdhouse members have compiled a list of every band that never existed. Now in exciting, stereoscopic, fully kinaesthetic Java!

Irma's Links to the Samizdat: Hedges agains ennui.

The awards we've won (Web awards are generally pretty much a sham, but hey, these people took the time to acknowlede us after all...)


Like reading liner notes? Get yourself onto the Birdhouse mailing list.

Scanner Abuse! Birdhouse members appreciate self-portraits too... but they sure have a funny way of showing it.

And now featuring THE BIG BOOT (83k and worth it!)

Steppin' out tonight? Don't forget Hairolene!

Attention low-bandwidth users: the Asterisk you ordered has arrived!

Birdhouse contributors with very strange names -- the central database.