Posi-Web participants share glimpses of their daily lives
through words and pictures, much like a single page out
of their diary. Clicking through the various Posi-Web pages
lets you take a quick trip around the world. If you would
like to participate, contact any of the members listed below
directly from their Posi-Web post.

Back in olden times (mid-late 1990s), a group of web artists/geeks called antiweb came up with the idea for posi-web, a sort of daily or near-daily nerve blast. This was long before the idea of weblogs, before any kind of software was available to automate this kind of process. In a way, posi-web was a form of blogging before there was blogging. Well, it was what it was.

Scot Hacker now posts regularly at the foobar blog, not here.

Malcolm Humes (on the road, USA)
Jon Reeves (Brisbane, Australia)
jef'n'gael (Antwerpen, België)
Garret Keogh (Gosport, Hampshire, UK)
Janan Platt (California, USA)
Veerle & Michaël (Ronse, België)
Levi Asher (Queens, New York, USA)
Meg Wise-Lawrence (Queens, New York, USA)
Cal Godot (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Annick & Guy (Boutersem, België)
Zeigen (Saratoga, California, USA)
Fran and Jack Beslanwitch (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Annette Loudon (San Francisco, California, USA)
Scot Hacker (Oakland, California, USA)
Christian Crumlish (Oakland, California, USA)
Mark Napier (New York City, New York, USA)
Bibliotheque Bajazzo (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
blanca&roc (Barcelona, Catalonia)
Phil Franks (Murcia, Spain)
Dan Sumption (London, UK)