The Birdhouse Cultural Status Report

Feeling a certain je ne sais quoi about our collective identity, a vague malaise surrounding our inability to figure out exactly who we are as members of a confused and confusing demi-monde, members of The Birdhouse Arts Collective have established this Cultural Status Report as an ongoing attempt to put a decisive finger on the gestalt of traits that makes us who we are, and on what defines our enveloping zeitgeist.

The list can be seen as The Birdhouse's parallel to the bittersweet dichotomy of Wired vs. Tired, or as a countercultural analog to Harper's Index. We hope that social observers everywhere will bolster their overly caffeinated arguments by citing the Birdhouse Cultural Status Report, and that in the process we will become notorious, reviled, revered, debated and oft-cited.

This list is by no means definitive, and is in fact eternally incomplete by definition. We need your help to grow the list, to add a thousand defining traits, to focus and re-focus the lens of the understandascope through which we attempt to examine our lives. If you would like to contribute, please send us your ideas tout de suite. The list must propel itself into the future, and guard against becoming static -- the world will not wait for the list, so the list must not wait for the world!

The List