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Miscellaneous Kooks and Crackpots

Zon Power! You don't need a computer to be a god.
The Museum of Dirt For discriminating dirt afficionados.
Aluminum Foil Deflectory Beanie You need one.
The Kooks Museum Lobby A clearing-house for the world's greatest crackpots.
ZUG (It's good for you!)
The Surrealism Server Merdre!
Survival Research Laboratories Industrial culture's demise manifested in the mechanical
Tristan Tzara's 8th Symphony (or How Dada came to me in the form of a self-contained manifesto)
Justin's Links from the Underground Just what it says
Weird Science ditto
The Church of the Subgenius Are you guys talkin' about Bob?

Philosophy and Weird Science

Situationist International We are bored in the city, there is no longer any Temple of the Sun.
The Buckminster Fuller Institute Sustaining humanity aboard Spaceship Earth.
Hakim Bey (Temporary Autonomous Zone)
Being is (is not)
Principia Discordia The magnum opiate of malaclypse the younger.
Annals of Improbable Research data, effluvia, news

Art, Images, and Artists

Collage Town More digital snarfglap than you shake a divining rod at. An exercise in cryptic aesthetics. Tip: view source.
The collages of Wilfred Satty Max Ernst on acid. An exercise in cryptic aesthetics. Tip: view source.
The Massurealist Society Mass media + Surrealism = ...
Biblioteque Bajazzo
= Sector 1=
Dutch web art nonpareil
LOVE Curious, extravagant, slightly pornographic exploration by Group Z
Unreal City Mike Napier's provocative wander through a world of cultural prosthetics and torn billboards
(Operative Term Is Stimulate) Now inverted to Sito due to a lame lawsuit.
The Great Winston Smith po-mo collage

Music and Sound Stuff

beatthief Kathy Acker to James Brown
Cul de Sac We challenge you to describe them without using the "Kraut rock" adjective.
WIRE Magazine Not to be confused with Wired
Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians: Great Black Music This is the AACM's 30th anniversay. The Birdhouse bows in deep gratitude to the untold and still unfolding contributions the AACM has made to the evolution of the music.
A Great Day in Harlem An exploration of the picture that made the movie
The Internet Underground Music Archive One of the net's first alternative music libraries.
The Knitting Factory Live improvcore out of New York.
Dismuke's 1920s and 30s recordings Streaming audio of antique jazz.
Zoot Horn Rollo We Saw a Bozo Under the Sea
The Captain Beefheart Page (Homepage Replica)
The Motherpage A complete Parliament/Funkadelic Discography
Cadence Search Cadence's expansive catalog of rare improv.
Styles of Jazz Explore jazz history through a historical map
The Curtis Sesqui-Centennial Exposition Organ The world's hugest MIDI device.

Electronic 'Zines and Other Words

Hermenaut The Digest of Heady Philosophy for Construction Workers
The Spam Letters Spam made living art
Enterzone hyper web text zine media art


About the Samizdat

The Samizdat {sahm'-eez-daht} is a Russian term meaning "self-publishing." In the Soviet Union prior to the liberalization of the late 1980s, samizdat denoted literature published and circulated in secrecy expressing views contrary to those of the state. The 1966 trial of Andrei Sinyavsky revealed the existence of a large body of samizdat in the USSR. Samizdat also exists in China and other countries that do not allow freedom of expression.

Bibliography: Medvedev, Roy A., ed., Samizdat Register Two(1981).