B i r d h o u s e A r t i s t s

Amy Kubes (Surrogate: absence/presence,
traces, funky minimalism)
William Carr (Dark Moments)
Julio Mateo Ode to Nature and The Rhapsodies
Mark Napier The Distorted Barbie
Ian Campbell NaturMachine (Wundarkammern)
Larry Carlson Squishy digitalis
Nari Visual poemes concrete from the cyberstream
Jennifer Uhrhane Insignificant Details
Victor HSIEH 25th Century Paintings
Coryndon Luxmoore (Gaze -- Photodigital
work in progress)
Matt Sesow (Heroic paintings in the best thrift store tradition, PXL movies)
Larry Auerbach (Lifeforms, Portraits,
Scanner Abuse, Wizardry)
glenn mcdonald (Furia, Seven Manipulations
of Two Lines)
Marc Christopher Williams(Slippery digital paintings
after Tanguy)
Biblioteque Bajazzo(We Who Are Young
Are Old -- HTMLart)
Melissa VanTil(Original paintings in the manner
of dreams, regret, and distance)
Paul Kremer(Charcoal in the tradition
of Schiele, scanner abuse)
Kiyotei(Digital but
painterly expostulations)
Spraxloid(Multiple exposures, scanner abuse)
Scot Hacker(Paper and digital collage)
Scanner Abuse (Through the Eye of the
Triple Pass Halogen Bulb)