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s e l e c t   1 9 9 9   p a i n t i n g s

French Locomotive Engine (T.G.V. Motor)

Up Tunnel

Celestial Gathering

"In every one of them Hsieh is divulged, but in the most auspicious he also leaves
himself behind and allows the painting to pledge itself as a visual
equivalent to natural phenomenon."  Ian Stewart, The Birdhouse

Artwork materials and dimensions:

French Locomotive Engine (T.G.V. Motor)
Oil on Linen, 34 x 96 inches
Up Tunnel
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 64 x 84 inches
Celestial Gathering
Acrylic on Canvas, 80 x 48 inches

Artwork Copyright © ArtQuest
Photo of Victor Hsieh Copyright
© Skateboarding Magazine

Birdhouse correspondents across the globe have interviewed Hsieh, from Los Angeles to New York to Italy, starting here. Also see this conversation with modern master Ross Bleckner and another interview with BeOS wizard Scot Hacker.
More Victor can be found by clicking on him.

victor hsieh

Victor Hsieh rides Birdhouse decks, Independent trucks,
German bearings in World Industries wheels.

The Birdhouse and Birdhouse decks are sold separately.