the 25th century painter

Victor Hsieh

@ the LA juried biennial

Victor Hsieh's one-of-a-kind paintings convey lively passion, comprised of a dynamic and innovative visual vocabulary. His brilliant creations have been displayed extensively across the country and abroad, and hang in collections worldwide. This month, during the LA International, Hsieh exhibits at the Museum Of Art Downtown LA, the Art Bank of LA Artcore, and the LA Biennial Juried by MOCA Curator Alma Ruiz. I caught up with the aspiring artist on opening night of the Biennial.

Tom Jenkins: At age 21, you're the youngest artist ever to participate in this exhibition. How do you feel about that?

Victor Hsieh: It's flattering, really.

TJ: (Pointing at an intricate painting) How do you make all these tiny lines?

VH: Shave the brush until only one hair stands. Although some feel they're insane, it's vice-versa; the lines are tranquilizing rhythm.

VH: What first got you into art?

TJ: Since age four I drew incessantly; creating has always fascinated me. I've also been into music since I was three.

TJ: Is that a source of inspiration?

VH: Yes well music itself is pure abstraction. My work is inspired by my mind and all that surrounds it, which includes musical rhythm and harmony. It's also inspired by FOOD! And quality art is gourmet food for the mind and soul.

TJ: How long does it take you to make one of these?

VH: Many moons. Same goes for my drawings. It takes time for me to reach the preconceived climax of precisely how I envision it to appear.

TJ: Who are your favorite artists?

VH: Painters such as Bleckner, Michaelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh, and musicians like Mozart and Trey Azagthoth. Variety is the spice of life.

TJ: Describe your hometown scene.

VH: Doesn't compare to here (LA) or New York. More of a Navy beach and retirement town.

TJ: Any advice for the young artists out there?

VH: Focus on what you want to make and give it all you got.

TJ: What direction are you headed?

VH: I have so many ideas and so little time. Keep an eye out for me and you will see.