(Now starring at The Birdhouse)

The latest additions to our ever-expanding coterie of goofballs and visionaries.

Visit To A Sad Planet. This 4-minute mock "sci-fi opus" is a video accompaniment to Leonard Nimoy's 1969 monologue "Visit to a Sad Planet," which is but one in a long series of monologues, poems, and spoken-word pieces recorded by Nimoy and Shatner in the late 60s.

In May 2000, your favorite webmaster got married and put the pictures online. In April 2000, he had his first experience on the flying trapeze (QuickTime video).

What in hell are these digital collages all about? In fact, what in hell is Hacker talking about? George McGrath interviews Scot Hacker.

Why by Pinky -- Kate Simonton's multiple essays on the truth about being a girl with a big ol' brain.

The Distorted Barbie -- Mark Napier has created an incredible exploration of the symbology of Barbie -- her body, her message, her impact. Don't miss the Bjork Barbie! See also: Martha Conway's related Mattel to Barbie: Play Nice or Don't Play at All.

The Haunted Circus -- Stanley Jenkins' surrealist, quasi-religious hunk of plasmophilosophy.

Woodscrew and Snookums chat about Mars -- On gubmint suppression of high-res photos of the face in Mars, the unreliability of jpl.nasa.gov, and the insanity of trying to be rational in the face of the UFO question.

No Bird but an Invisible Thing -- xian crumlish's brilliant story without end, without beginning, light and deep and multi-linkual.

Poemes concrete from the cyberstream -- Nari snatches up chunks of birdhouse, merges them with wiley javascript, and re-processes them as found art.

The Ebullient Genius of Mark Napier -- Chicken Wire Mother, Shelter, Virtual Grape ... three pieces of ecstatic web art exploring our relationship to symbols, culture, and contact. And grapes.

Black Magic Walls - Tone poem in G minor for Tupac Shakur, by Amatul Hannan

When a group of office-workers put their mannequin out on the side of the road with a suitcase in her hand, they never guessed she'd make it all the way to Las Vegas. But it happened. June the Hitchiking Mannequin.

Motivational piece for manic depressives. Amy Kubes' "Act Happy." (300K animated GIF, and well worth the wait). Also check out Amy's amazing coffee table book of photographic works Surrogate.

Larry Auerbach joins the Scanner Abuse fray and proffers up some new lifeforms with two new bodies of work: Lifeforms and Portraits -- deliciously organic, sometimes disturbing, utterly smooshy.

Biblioteque Bajazzo's incredible HTMLart exploration of sex and dreams, surrealism and politics, We Who Are Young Are Old.

Scanner Abuse! Put your face on the scanner bed. Reach over and trigger its blinding flight across your eyes. When you can see again, manipulate the results into something beautiful.

Benoit Baald holds forth on chaos in the concrete and beauty in the abstract, sound reproduction and the fractal aspects of general aesthetics.