Pinky's Mailbag

(What You Think About What I Think)

by Pinky

YBY 4, "Why I Want to Kill Some Commuters by Pinky" generated a lot of response. Since most of you sent your responses to everybody, youíve probably already seen them. Still, a few noteworthies:

I'm sorry, but...(and I feel I am speaking for all MUNI commuters when I say) SO FREAKIN' WHAT!!!!

I mean... Yes all that you said is true, and yes rudeness is rampant in the heart of the city, but ya know what there are larger issues at hand for those of us who ride the Orange and White Devil to work every day!

We endure countless hardships not only from fellow commuters, but from drivers and the equipment itself. We ponder murder of not fellow commuters, but Willie Brown for not providing a reliable dignified mode of transportation for the citizens of his city. We yell and scream and curse and nothing changes!

And you guys ride the damn BART into the city in your soft cushy chairs. On your carpeted, air conditioned, ten car trains and bitch about how rough the commute is. Get on the N Judah sometime Pinky! you'll see true squalor! It's like taking the train to Marrakech or something. I swear to God there was a fucking chicken sitting next to me on the train yesterday!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you don't have the right to feel that way about the commute you deal with, but come on... think about it...IT COULD BE A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT WORSE!!!!


Micah, I was one of the unfortunate MUNI victims for years; believe me, I know how bad it can get. Did I ever tell you the story of the Chinatown Bus and the Duck? Letís just say it didnít end well for the duck. I donít disagree with you; I was just using BART as an example. MUNI deserves its own column. More:

I still think MUNI smells better than BART. After all, those nice cushioned seats and carpets on BART have been soaking up urine since 1973. -Jeremy

Let's just do a MUNI vs. BART comparison using the amount of toothless vs. fully toothed people who ride these respective modes of Bay area transport...then we'll see whose worse off! -Aliza

Ömy dear, you need to play more Quake! -GF

Finally, a heartening note from another reader:

Öopinion pieces are only worth the paper they're written on IF someone doesn't agree and responds with a fully developed and written rebuttal. -Jill

Which means, go ahead and flame me. Iíll just add it to the letters section and maybe respond, even! Makes the column worth writing. See ya next time.

xox pink

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