Moving Targets (abuse of scanners)

The first time I ever got access to a color scanner I had nothing to scan except me. I was afraid the bright fluorescent scanning element would damage my eyes, so I kept moving as it approached... One day much later, when I owned my own 16-gray-level scanner and I thought I had learned a trick or two, Davo came over and said he knew just what to do. On his very first try, he made the picture above. His beginner's luck blew my mind. Only weeks later did he admit that he and some of his friends were already old hands at auto-xerography long before digital flatbed scanners became common. I should have guessed it -- he had kept his eyes open the whole time, and thus knew just when to move. Compared to my impromptu self-scan, Davo's was a command performance. I still like these relatively simple images better than a lot of the heavy-duty 3D distortions and texture-mapped morphs that are now everywhere.
(30K JPEG)
(32K JPEG)

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