Loon Mountain, N.H. March 1998

During my last trip to Boston, Will and I took off for a day of snowboarding at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. We had been on a quest for the perfect day for two years, but there was always some imperfection -- icy conditions, huge crowds, freezing weather... but since I moved to California, this was the only day of the entire year that Will and I got to ride together, and Lady Karma blessed us with a perfect day.

The temperature was almost 70 degrees -- shirtsleeve weather. The snow was soft but not slushy. We went on a weekday, and the rest of the world probably thought the mountains had already melted, so we had the place almost to ourselves. Amazing. We bought a little FunSavr camera to chronicle the day, and the shots are starting to roll in. The FunSavr doesn't take the best pictures in the world, but so what...

scot on the way down
Scot: blow me down
Will: The absence of sound
Scot: Arriving by carrier pigeon
Scot: Monsters by Ankiewicz
will pipe
Will: standin' on the
verge of gettin' it on
scot low air
Scot: low rider
Will: I am the master, the sky is my slave
scot carve
Scot: low carve
scot floppy
Scot: floppy at dusk
will carving
Will: soul carve
scot and will
Scot and Will