The Box

by Matt Sesow

Scene opens with Sweet Trees walking into bar... ala dicky boy... Crumple Butt raises from couch (rocks 2x before getting up (like old guy))

(Main) lava lamp on table in front of couch (or on back of couch) box on table

(Audio) ultra slow vers. of hippy music in background

Crumple Butt and voices are sped and slowed respectfully.

hug and kiss on cheek greeting (e coast) How does the day find you crumple butt?

excellent sweet trees

I always like this place

must be the music

Would you like to dance?


couple dances to sst quick riff 3 diff. shots of close up, and couple (poss. use rotating light) music stops.

thank you.

I saw something today that startled me

what's that?

A box!

no, what startled you?

I was watering the lawn

when up the driveway walked a dog

so what!?

His name's Kenny ... neighbor bob's cocker

Crumple Butt looks across table

He's normally quite timid


Came right up to me

i'm sorry i wasn't there for you

I know, you're such a pup

Crumple Butt looks frustrated/jealous

He brought me something

what's that?

A box!

no, what did he bring you?


pushes box to Crumple Butt... opens box

head in box looking up... mouth opens and closes (backwards audio)

shot of Crumple Butt,,, makes expression,.. head in box repeats expression

(repeat 2X)

cbutt is very startled.... will begin

speaking backwards for rest of film

next line starts norm... goes to back

half way through

sweet trees... sweet trees!

startled looks at Crumple Butt puzzled,

kindo mad.

why did you...?

another startled shot of

What's the matter with you crumple butt...

I can't understand you...... (pause) look down

Use your pencil.

Crumple Butt reaches into pocket, raises it to the air... looks happy

Crumple Butt grunts something backwards.

starts writting on paper

my throat hurts.... ***

writes some more (+ rest)

and my head feels cranky... ***

You're just jealous

but i...


Crumple Butt looks sad

i am confused

says pissed.... mocking the slowness and awkwardness of Crumple Butt voice

What did you expect... this time it's me and not your Attempted uniqueness. you're just clay, i don't knead anymore.... crumple butt! ***

but what about the relationship?

gets up... grabs box (of course)

Crumple Butt buries head in hand(s).

ATTEMPT to be original.

I'm a splendid dancer

shakes head, like yo've gotta be kiddin.

Grief (spell it greif, then grief)

Now... you've read the script... get the movie!