Sigmund & the Sea Monsters

I'm in Hepner, Oregon, and I meet Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. Oddly, their heads are shaped like houses. I line them up and say "Hey, you're a mall." They don't get it. I realize that the 80s & 90s have been bad for them, and thy've had to move the act from Malibu to Hepner.

They don't know what a mall is. Morover, we're 200 miles from the ocean. Just before I wake up I notice that the kids (Scott and Johnny?) haven't aged since the mid-70s, and look surprisingly hip. I awake wondering Sid and Marty Kroft are doing, and what happened to the costumes.

I'm currently considering a change of career and my matress is lumpy. Does this help?

Dreamed by: Logan