Even The Prez Goes To The Bathroom

I once dreamed that my mother, aunt & friend were at my new house washing dishes. They were washing so hard that bubbles were floating all around the kitchen. Then the doorbell rang. I opened the front door & there was a big black limousine pulled up on my porch. I was very upset & screaming that they couldn't park on the porch. The drivers side window lowered & a man in a dark suit wearing black sunglasses stuck his head out the window. He said "Excuse me, but I have the president in the back. He needs to use your bathroom." Then one of the back windows lowered. Ronald Reagan stuck his head out & said "Yes- it's me! I've got to use your bathroom!" I said OK. I led him & his secret service men into my home.

I introduced him to my mother, aunt & friend. Then out of nowhere, my great grandmother appeared. (She was about 95 year old at the time). So, I introduced him to her. She started telling him a non-sense story. While she was talking, he was crossing & uncrossing his legs. He was also hopping from one leg to the other, because he had to pee so badly. Finally, he held up his hand & said "I have got to use the bathroom now!"

I showed him to my bathroom.

I then returned to my kitchen.

The telephone rang, I answered it. It was Ronald Reagan. He said he needed for me to come into the bathroom. I wondered how he had called me.

When I walked into the bathroom, he was sitting on the toliet. I noticed that the toliet paper holder had a red telephone built onto the top of it. He said "I'm constipated. I need a suppository about this long." He held up his hand & showed me with his thumb & index finger how he wanted one about 2 inches long. I walked into the kitchen & told my mother & aunt what he had asked for. I also told them I didn't have any suppositories. My aunt said "Yes you do! Grandmother put some in the meat drawer of your refrigerator."

I looked in the refrigerator & there was a jar of suppositories. I unscrewed the lid & took one out. It was so long, that it was folded in half so it would fit into the jar. I took the suppository to Mr Reagan (who was still sitting on the toliet). As I was handing it to him, I explained that it was the only size I could find. He said "It's fine. Could you put it in for me?"

At that time I woke up! Thank goodness!

I know why I dreamed this crazy dream.

My husband & I had just bought a new house. I had been under a little stress due to the fact that we were getting our 1st house. A few nights before we moved in, I was watching the news before I turned in for the night. Ronald Reagan was in the last story I watched. I went to the bathroom & as I sat there, I was thinking about him using the bathroom. I don't know why that popped into my head.

That night I dreamed this dream.

Oh - my great-grandmother was constipated alot. She lived with my aunt. One day while visiting with them, I noticed suppositories in the meat drawer of the refrigerator. I asked my aunt why they were in there. She explained that my great-grandmother was so slow at inserting them, by the time she found where they went, they would be melted. Keeping them cold gave her more 'searching' time.

Dreamed by: Cindy Gordon