I dreamed of a mix of images vastlystretching my semi-conscious mind across the boundaries ofstage and reality. What meaning did I attribute my dreampulsed my curious somnolence...Crap!

Actually.. I dreamed I was getting a haircut from my oldbarber, who has since retired. I was in the chair when ayoung woman walked in. I stared at her she stared at me. Nowords were exchanged. I attempted to surreptitiously watch heras she sat in another barber's chair. The barber was a woman of40 years or so. The young woman and I silently looked at each otheruntil my barber finished cutting my hair. He then told me tostand upon which time I realized I only had on my boxers. Then, unexpectedly,my barber pointed at my hairy lower abdomen which displayed an expansiveforest of tangled hair and said,"See, that's a man for you.

I was embarrassed and disconcerted. I hastily scanned the barbershopfor my clothes, finding them I hurriedly put on my pants and shirt. Funny, in this dream I constantly thought of the two hotdogsI had for dinner that evening......(Just part one of a mixedbag of dreams for the evening).

Dreamed by: W. Quinton Wiggins