Olympic Scrabble

Dreamed I was in the Olympic Scrabble Event. I was in first place, of course, and was playing this 10 year old chinese boy who made me sweat just to look at him. I thought, Jesus, I'm 27 and He's 10, please..God, Buddha, Shiva..whomever..don't let him kick my ass on international T.V. When you picked your letters, they rolled out these huge PEZ dispensers only they disbursed scrabble tiles that were huge. So Then I realize that the scrabble table is gigantic and I have to dredge each letter to it's proper place. The Chinese boy was spelling words in chinese characters that I, of course, couldn't understand and I was yelling to my coach that it was unfair and one of the judges heard me and I was disqualified.


Dreamed by: Melissa Marie VanTil