My Brother's Sidhes

Have you ever read Watership Down? The little brother, what's his name....he was a scrawny little fearful thing. He would have flaky little psychic feelings, and his big brother learned to trust them. That's the way my brother 15 yaer old brother is sometimes. He woke up one one morning and he asked me if I'd like to hear about his dream. I said I would, and we sat down on my father's bed as he told me this:

The first thing he recalls is being told he had to find some guy in the mall that he could identify by his four-pegged walker. He was accompanied by two men-in-black kind of fellows that were there to help him. He remebered getting the impression they were also there to keep an eye on him. He walked around for awhile looking for this man. Eventually he spotted our mother walking around with a four pegged walker, but he knew somehow that she was not the person he was looking for. When she knew he was looking at her, she put the walker down without looking back at him and walked past him glancing up at him for just a minute. She was trying to give him a clue. He picked up the walker and started hobbling around with it while he was thinking. Before he knew it, he was genuinley crippled and was forced to use the thing to support his weight. He then realized that the man he was sent to look for was a crippled version of himself. The men that were sent to watch him were eyeing this little develpoment very closely. Using a little burst of that willpower that can make a dream lucid he took power over himself again and tossed aside the walker. He had come to a full realization of his powers now, something whoever sent him to the mall did not want him to do. He now had control over 32 sidhes. (A sidhe is a yogic kind of power in the Hindu religion, something my brother studies. In this universe there are only 4 sides I think, but this dream took place at a different time in a different place.) The men had orders to fight him, but they knew he was now very powerful and they ran away. He was very angry now, and he went searching for the man who was responsible for holding him back from this realization. He almost just teleported to this room as soon as he thought about it. The man that he was looking for turned out to be ME. (When he told me this, it truly kind of made my hair stand up on the back of my neck.) I was afraid of him because he was angry and very powerful. But as soon as he started to walktowards me, I took 16 of his sidhes so we both were even now. I shot a lightning bolt at his head that grabbed his shoulders and shook him and made his head buzz and didn't let go until he was dead. He then woke up in our house here in the present day. He knew that I would be here too, so he stood around the corner to my father's bedroom and waited for me with a similar lightning bolt. I came around the corner and he tried to shoot the bolt at me but nothing happened. I laughed as I grabbed his wrists and said "That doesn't work here." I threw him down on the bed (the one that we were sitting on as he related this story to me) and sat on top of him pinning him down. I got up close to his face and said "Who have you told this dream to?" "Seth." he said. (A friend of his.) I grinned threateningly and said "You shouldn't tell your dreams to so many people." And then he woke up.

Dreamed by: Marcus Estes