Evil Mushroom Tea Is Killing Me

I'm in my old house which I moved out of about 2 years ago. I just came back from a party or get together of some sort where there was some major drug use going on. I think I took some mushrooms or something. Anyway, I'm back at my house with my boyfriend of now and a couple of his friends. They're in the living room and i'm in the bathroom; having a bath i think. So, I have all these drugs with me in these bags that look like the ones my cats'treats come in. Then my mom comes home and I hide them in the closet. then she's gone and I take them out, make some kind of smoky red sunset tea and take it to my room. then it starts talking to me. First it sounds like it's wailing "You're killing me, you're killing me." So I'm all weirded out, looking at it. I might have said "What?". I don't know. Then it's voice changes and goes all evil and starts saying "I'm killing you, I'm killing you". I think it said some other stuff similar to that and started laughing. Then I woke up because it was freaking me out. I was definitely scared.

Dreamed by: Jaimie