Love in a Pigpen

okay so i was on some scottish animal farm with goats and sheep skipping around, i think there were lots of minty candles was two am and a bit dark. only all the fences were made of barbed wire and my friends were dancing under the barbed wire, sort of glowing under the moonlight-- there was a lovely milky moon out, and the little shadows of the sprites were flickering over her face. well all my friends left, except this one guy with black hair and green eyes that i was nutty over. i was dressed as bjork with my hair in knots and glittery eyelids and he started kissing me and pulled me into a pigpen made of barbed wire. all these white furry piglets ran out sqealing. and then when it was empty, we shagged in the pigpen and fell asleep in the muck-- it was all very sweet and romantic. when we woke up it was still dark as velvet and he gave me french toast with whipped cream instead of syrup. then he played me a song on his guitar.

Dreamed by: Isabel