The Loft, Part Deux

Denis was Gregory Peck and his girlfriend was Ingrid Bergman. Their pet parrot was on the loose in the loft and meanwhile Gregory and Ingrid were attempting to solve some mystery. I got the feeling that someone was in disguise and perhaps it was me.I picked up the telephone to call Mom at the exact moment that Steve had called to invite me to a show at the Loft and Mom at the same moment had picked up the phone at the exact moment that Sheck had picked up the extension to call out so somehow the calls all connected and all four of us ended up on the phone together. Steve said that Severin would be at the Loft to Serve Me. By the time I made it to the Loft the details had faded. only to hear them whispering at 10 pm on the night of Cinco de Mayo.

Dreamed by: JT