Jean Genet on a Sunday in the Mezozoic Era

It was a Sunday in spring. They don't sell beer on Sunday in South Carolina. We ended up on the far left side of a field of grass and clover, across the road from a convenience store where we had been sitting on the hood of the car, but now we were laboring along the road by this field on Fisher Price Big Wheels, rather not Fisher Price but some generic brand, and we were laughing about that. Swallowed so entirely by surrounding nature that we entered another world by way of an invisible trail to where the earth dropped off, but not to empty space as you have imagined it would be. We met grassy slopes "interspersed" with mud and sand and cobblestones. At the bottom of the slope was a marsh on which a prison was built. A prisoner (presumably Jean Genet) had escaped and was begging for change. We went back up the slope to find that the place we had left didn't exist anymore, it had been replaced by a mutated urban/country scene. I slid down the slope by accident and found it so much fun that we made a game out of climbing to the top and sliding down, over and over until our clothes were filthy and the grass wore away, to reveal not earth but the ice of a water-filled crater. We brushed away the sand on top to see what was below the ice and frozen inside was the black and blue insignia of an army of aliens who had invaded in the Mesozoic Era.

Dreamed by: JT