Javanese Mannequin

In an abandoned schoolhouse or monastery I am working for someone, like the police, looking for somebody. I see a woman in a window and I push her out, this seems to be my duty. So I'm walking around and in another window on the opposite side of the building, a second woman stands. She tries to pull me out of the window and after a struggle I succeed in pushing her out. (time elapses) I'm sitting outside of a beige bricked building, leaning against the wall. I feel I'm going to be in trouble because of pushing the woman out the windows. It's night time, in a city, and many cars pass on a street to my right. My mother comes, I think it is to inform me that the police are on their way to get me. She leaves. I look across the street to a movie theater with a sign that reads: "Javenese Mannequin", meaning that the Dali painting was showing in the lobby. I want to go, but I wait to go jail. (I don't think I'll get in trouble because my work was official. I also feel ! somewhat betrayed that I would be in trouble with cops, for a job I did for them.)

Dreamed by: Jason Harris