I dreamed that my twin grandson's were not born yet. I was incubating them in my throat for my son and daughter-in-law, because they were not able to have children any other way.

I could eject them for inspection by opening my mouth and doing some strange things with my throat muscles. When ejected they could be seen in gooey sacks: tiny, in fetal postions squirming around, and the thin embilical cords that attached them to my throat could also be seen. When I did this I would hold my mouth open so wide that my jaw would hurt, so my teeth didn't damage them.

There was much violence going on around me, I ejected them often to make sure they were still alive, and so my son and his wife could see them. But, I always felt embarrassed or somewhat ashamed when I ejected them. A feeling like, but not as strong as being naked in a dream. Also, I worried about their safety when they were out in the open like that.

Dreamed by: Kay