All after nothing, or the incredible shrinking charade

I was driving my car (a little white Daihatsu Charade) around campus, looking for my buddies. They were down in the basement. The tallest of the lot was Gawie. He was standing in my peripherals while I spoke to Paddy (also tall, but not THAT tall. Nobody is that tall. Except Gawie). When I blinked, Gawie vanished. Then I blinked again, and he was back.

And he knew. And he knew I knew he knew.

And everytime I blinked, he would vanish, reappearing when I blinked a second time. I stood there, blinking away like an idiot, and at last Paddy told me to stop batting my eyelashes like that, and I was terribly embarrassed, so I left (Gawie was still there).

I started driving around looking for somewhere to park my car, couldn't find a parking place, and eventually I was wishing I could just park it in my room in residence (it's very small, after all). After thinking this for a while, the car became so small that at last I was just wandering around the streets, clutching the little charade in my arms like a pillow.

Dreamed by: Cornelia