Incan Jello

I had a dream that I was imprisoned in an ancient Incan temple along with the sidekick from Xena, Gabrielle. This Incan temple was not like your average, run of the mill Incan temple. Not only was it guarded by Japanese Shoguns, but was located in downtown L.A. The inside of the temple resembled a high rise office builiding and in the penthouse suite was the place of residence of the Great Inca. Both Gabrielle and I were expected to putter around the complex in hospital gowns. The only means of escape was to run down the stairs, throw a tarp over the Shoguns and run back up the stairs to the Great Inca's suite.

After about two weeks of this imprisonment, and many foiled escape attempts, the Great Inca granted me a day off. I took this chance to ask my friends to bring me my prozac. At this they readily agreed.

My three daring friends, Carl, Dan and Andrew, bravely threw a tarp over the showgun's head, ran up the flights of stairs and safely delivered my beloved prozac. The Great Inca was impressed by the speed and agility of these fine young men. (By this time Gabrielle had misteriously disapeared)

"I am very impressed by the speed and agility that you each demonstrate. But I am only able to keep one of you."

He turned Dan and asked his name, Dan's reply pleased the Great Inca.

He turned to Carl and asked his name, Carl's reply pleased the Great Inca.

He turned to Andrew and asked his name , Andrew's reply greatly upset the Great Inca.

- Andrew was promptly thrown off the roof-

"Now that we have delt with the riff-raff, time for the next test." boomed the Great Inca

We were brought into an old dingy bathroom that contained two bathtubs. Suspended above the bathtubs were two large blocks of green jello.

Carl and Dan were then instructed to remove all of their clothes and get in the tub. At this the big blocks of jello were lowered onto their bodies. After a few seconds of complete stillness, you could see little air bubbles coming from Dan's block of Jello. A fist then emerged followed by the rest of his naked, jello covered body. Carl's entrance was much more spectacular, as he jumped right through the jello. Because both were able to break through the jello, a fight to the death was in order. They began to thrash about wildly until Dan managed to pick up Carl's nude slimy body and hurl him from the window. After Dan's victory dance we implored that he put some clothes on. From that point on, he has lived comfortably as the Great Inca's Pet.

Dreamed by: Anonymous