I Dream of Jesus

I suddenly realized that I was late for a very important appointment
and I was panicked
and I was going as fast as I could, trying to get ready
but I couldn't find my shoes.

I was searching everywhere throughout the house
and whenever I did find one shoe
I'd put it on, and I'd go looking for the other shoe
and when I'd found the other shoe
somehow the first shoe would have disappeared.
And I'd go searching for it
and I'd find it
and I'd bend down
and the other shoe was gone again.
This happened repeatedly.

And I'd look at the clock about every fifteen seconds
and somehow, another half-hour had gone by.
And I was starting to get
very anxious
And the whole time
I was running around the house searching for my shoes
I was being followed
by a giant Mickey-Mouse alarm clock
smiling this broad
while it taunted me.

I managed to get both shoes on my feet
and I was ready to leave the house
but I couldn't
there were hundreds of people
in my living room
blocking my way.
And I was pushing through these incredible throngs of people
and when I got to the door, I looked down
and I saw that my shoes
were gone

And I was devastated.
My life was over;
I was going to miss my appointment

And then I looked up.
and I saw that the reason that all these people were therewas because Jesus
had been resurrected from the dead.
In my living room.

He was wearing
my shoes.

And the crowds parted
and they started pushing me towards
And I arrived at the foot of the Lord
The savior
And He was hovering a few feet above the floor
And He was radiating light

And I said to him:
I'm late for an appointment.
Could I please have my shoes?

And Jesus smiled at me benevolently
And spoke some
which I completely failed to comprehend

And then He raised his arms
and ascended into heaven.
Taking all his followers
the Saints
the Chosen Ones
and my Shoes
with Him.

That's when I woke up.

And I looked at the clock.
And I realized
I was late.

This piece is transcribed from a collection of spoken word performances on thenew Head and Leg album, "In Your Dreams," centering on the emotionalcontrasts and conflicts between the dream and waking worlds. More info on Head and Leg Productions is available at http://www.reading.com/headleg

Dreamed by: Head and Leg