the fire burned beneath me like a volcanic fresco. As the bubbles of molten lava bubbled in the pit and blurted out my name. I wondered only now if I should quit smoking. As the fire reached my nares and scorched my eyelashes; as my feet turned to ashes and my hair turned to dust, I found myself on the matrix. I was cool and the grass of the plain rustled in the breeze. My eyes looked down, saw nothing. Then I saw myself, naked, and born again, lying in the center of the biopuzzle. This stretch of landscape could have been any other... and yet I knew it. it had been my home. Barefoot, I walked through the high stalks of grain. The strong burnt smell of the day was replaced in this nighttime hour with a whispy coolness that erased any sensation of having lungs. I breathed as though I was some sort of glyph, floating through the ancient sea. I saw my ancestors drifting towards the center. They are not fishes, nor are they mammals or crustaceans. They are merely swirling energies, trapped in a fluid of the universe.

I love toast crumbs in the butter.

Dreamed by: Erik McKenney