The Green Baby

Very much to my surprise I discover that I am pregnant, only to find myself in a hospital, giving birth, just moments later. My labor is about two minutes long, and the doctors basically just go "Okay, lie down...Okay, here's your baby". But, the baby they hand to me is BRIGHT GREEN, with very abnormally curly hair. So, I have this green curly haired baby and nobody says anything about it, not even the doctors! And I'm kind of in shock, you know, because I've just had a baby all of a sudden, and it's green, and nobody seems to think there's anything strange about it.

When I take the baby home I put it in a crib, and begin to watch it sleep. As I do this I begin to notice the bright green color less, and feel my love for it more. After those few moments of maternal bliss pass, I leave the nursery and walkinto my living room, where I am met by a friend of mine (this friend is extreamly time conscious & leads time management seminars).My friend sees me & goes into this fit, yelling very loudly, "You have no time for a baby! How are you going to manage your time now?" on and on. All the while, I'm just kind of holding my head going "omigod, omigod", realizing that I'm feeling a little flipped out over the whole baby thing.

The next thing I know, my friend has gone, and I'm puting the baby out in the yard to get some sun (I thought it might ripen up a bit).So, I leave the baby in the sunshine, and go inside to do some work. After a while I go back out to check on the baby, and find that the baby has notonly turned pink, but has grown into a child--only the child is me at about age seven. I just stand there, staring in amazement at the younger me. The younger me doesn't seem to really notice or care about the big me, but just twirls around in the sunshine. I want to reach out and touch her but I can't. I can't reach.

Dreamed by: Aimee

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