Angels at the Airport

I'm at the airport, and I'm holding the hand of a young boy.He is showing me how he is painted. We have just come from the fair where he was painted like the sky and water. On his face is the sky & moon & stars. The sun is setting over his mouth and as he talks I watch the sun turn into a hole in the horizon. It's mezmerizing. His teeth are so white they look like those paintings of Angels waiting in a circleof light to escort you to heaven. He has a dolphin painted on his left hand and a rocket on his right. He makes the rocket fly through the sky and the dolphin swim and jump over the setting sun of his mouth. His eyes are like God in the sky of his face. I love this boy with all that I am. He has a sticker on his shirt that says: Hello my name isOther.

I look for our gate, we have to pick up someone, that's why we're here. I look around and there are about 5 Angelsmulling around. One is sitting at a gate, waiting for hisplane to board. One is pushing a courtesy cart with his luggage on it. One is looking at a tour guide of Italianchurches. She's making notes on the pages as she reads it.Another is playing cards with an old man and she is letting him win.

The 5th Angel is walking towards Other & I. He is smiling at Other and Other is grinning right back at him. He comes and stands before us. To Other he says: You're mostly on the inside. To me he asks: Are those painted, or are they real ? , and he is looking at my down at my feet. There are little wings, like Mercury, painted on my ankles. I say tohim: I don't want to be first, I just want to last. , and he touches my hand and at the same time he messes Other's hair,and he says: These are the roots that will last.

The Angel smiles at us, turns and walks to his gate. Otherlooks up at me and asks: Where do Angels go to get away ? Ilaugh and say: I don't know Other, I never thought Angels needed vacations. Other says: Maybe Heaven ain't no picnic.

Then I woke up.

Dreamed by: Cinel