Authentic Native American Fishing Technique

I was standing ankle-deep in a fast-moving stream with an Indian who was showing me the authentic, traditional fishing technique of his people. He would stand in the waterwith a big heavy snow shovel, and anytime a salmon swam by, he would quickly shovel it out ofthe water and flip it high in the air. It would be dead when it came down, which wasa bit puzzling. The salmon were landing in a pile on the bank. It seemed likean odd way to catch fish but it obviously worked, as the pile was quite large. And besides,it was an ancient tradition!

I tried it too, but found it as awkward and difficult as it probably would really bein real life. But the Indian guy was catching salmon I couldn't even see.

In fact thewater was quite dark and I could barely see any of the fish, which were apparently quitenumerous. I could occasionally feel them as they swam over my feet but they were way toofast for me.

don't think I've ever had a dream with an Indian in it before, but I had just before going to sleep watched a fascinating (and quite grim) Frontline documentary on gambling in America in which Indians (naturally) played a major role.

Dreamed by: A. Bartlett Beefaroni