Fighter Jet in the Fridge

I was looking in the refrigerator for something to eat when I saw afighter jet in there. There were several circular panels on the fuselage.I opened one and a loud alarm started blaring. I opened another justslightly and then ran for my life. A voice said "There were so many ofthem, he didn't know which one to open", or something to that effect.

I ran to the next room and sat down against the wall with my headbetween my legs, just like in a tornado drill. I said "I hope it's not abomb" over and over until I heard a loud explosion. Then I looked out awindow and there was reckage strewn all over the yard.

I went outside and followed the trail of debris back to the kitchen. Iwas suprised to see that the refrigerator was still intact. Mom wasstanding there and she said, "It must've all come out that little crack".Then I saw that there was a small crack between the fridge's door and itsmain body.

Mom had laid some of the reckage out on the kitchen "island" table. Inow saw that it was a chocolate cake with icing. She handed me a piecefrom the center, and she took some from the edge. I said, "What is therethat you don't want me to see in the edge? Next time keep your secretweapons to yourself." She retorted, "I didn't know it was in there, butGrandma might have."

I walked off with my cake to eat. The last thing I remember is noticingthat it had a caramel center.

Dreamed by: Matt Kilgore