The Fat Eurocar in the Parking Garage

In this dream I have just won a large black luxury car something like a Mercedes, large European and fat. I'm driving it down from the upper floors of an indoor parking garage with lots of twists and turns. As I come off one of those corkscrew ramps I start to overcompensate the steering and begin to scrape the walls. A synthesized female voice tells me that something called the Positive Driver Response System (tm) is taking over. I find myself in a metal cage pivoting from side to side in response to my increasingly erratic driving. the bars of the cage come to a point in front of me in the shape of a rifle site as if the car were aiming itself to it. I take a turn very sharply and scrape the whole length of my fancy car along the bumber of an old Dodge parked in the garage.


I've been doing way too much programming lately

Dreamed by: Maury Guerra

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