Another Family Reunion

In a red and brown strobe lighting stop action sequence i watch my uncle attack and rape my cousin. in a rage i take off in a lincon driven by one of my ex-stepfathers. my sister and i in the back seat. we fly down the highway untill the road ends in construction. we manuver the car over cement barriers, boulders and railroad tracks until the tunnel we enter starts to collapse and we jump out of the car in an escape from the flood rushing towards us . Either side of the crumbling highway is bounded by mile wide rivers of brown. so we immediately climb up an enormus electrical tower.

Reaching the top we are threatened by an ensuing electrical storm. we fasten ourselves onto connecting powerlines and swing from one side of the highway to the other depositing ourselves onto the roof of a green and yellow carnival house. On the roofmy sister and i find black and white photographs of ourseves littering the cracked and peeling wood of the rooftop. feeling lost and helplessly abandonded two women suddenly emerge from a roof accessible door. one in lavender chiffon and the other in yellow. Saying they know us from the pictures the women offer assistance and lead us to a large Tour bus and drive us beyond the havoc and construction of the highway and flood. We are deposited at a tollbooth on the borderof Mexico and India and given free sample albums by the band's PR man.

Dreamed by: niki