Execution by Friends

I lived in a big warehouse with all the Friends people. It wasn't a chic reclaimed warehouse with brick walls and wood floors, but an old concrete floor, dusty affair with stuff stacked everywhere. One day, it was just us girls at home (Ross, Chandler and Joey being elsewhere) when thugs came in dressed like '30s gangsters, guns ablazing. We scramble for cover and I fall on the floor, playing dead, thinking "please don't let him shoot me more, just for spite."

When the attack is over, for unknown reasons, I am blamed for it. I am taken to a room. Rob Morrow is there. There is a little block with a yellow chalk line across it. The actor holds a small camp axe. I am to be beheaded for my supposed crime. I lay my neck across the line, but at the last minute stand back up. I realize then that I can't go through with it. I could have at first, but now I will never be able to make myself lay my head on the block. Rob says that we can use lethal injection then. I bare my shoulder and he draws a small circle in blue ink at the base of my neck. He pulls out a big syringe, but instead of injecting me at the blue circle, he plunges it into the back of my head.

At this point, I'm free to go since they know I will die anyway. I begin to walk around the warehouse until I meet a group of overweight female factory workers. They seem to know my story and tell me that it is just not right for this to happen on Mother's Day. Surely I have a mother, and it is unfair to her for this to happen. I realize this may be my out, that I could stop this from happening, so I search throughout the warehouse for Rob. There must be an antidote.

As I search, I come across my brother sitting on a box. He's holding a tiny baby. We talk for a bit and he looks like he's been crying. I search some more, but I'm not finding Rob. I'm beginning to get dizzy. Then I run into my husband and my younger brother. I apologize to them for what is happening. I give my husband instructions on what to do with my life insurance money. Part to my brother for his baby. Part to my other brother for college tuition. How much does a funeral cost? As I sit with them, I get weaker and finally the dream ends.

Dreamed by: Antonia