Am I A Warped Mother, Or What?

I'm visiting my best friend in my hometown, place of my birth, and she's pregnant with her first child...real pregnant. We decide we need to go visit our collge friend in Chicago, so we go and we shop an shop. We're in Urban Outfitters - or something like that - and Anna is going to give's that time. Somehow our other college friend and roommate shows up and she drives us right back to my hometown, which is in Ohio. We get there and she delivers twins. Which is nice, but the twins are penguins.

Pretty soon I realize I've got a baby, pretty much a newborn. I pick it up and I'm holding it and hugging it and it starts chewing on my gums like a teething ring. And blood is spurting out and the baby is chewing and chewing....

Dreamed by: Stacey Herron