Dragqueen Robots on the Side of a Mountain Being Attacked by No-Talent Actors

i walk up to this stone palace like building off a dirt road on the side of a mountain. a beautiful woman answers the door and shows me around. i continually meet identical looking beautiful women who arent women at all but robotic men with a gene disorder.The mood turns freak show and im not going anywhere soon because were being attacked by 'the mob' made up of Bruce willis looking badguys who in a mad rush of female adrenile i shoot repeatedly then follow through with my blood shed by hitting and cracking the bad guys skulls with the handles of the guns.

So as i run around protecting the lives of men dressed as women living on the side of a mountain i end up with this collection of guns ive gone through which turn out to be velcro inflatable nylon weapons. The queeny robots sun around all dramatic like and cook up the bodies of the 'Bruce Willis' bad guys in a big black pot and i decide it is time to go.

Actually i wanted to kill more people. but end up jumping over horses to get away. i am female and do not usually have such violent testosterone type images going through my head. But i liked the dream. and i liked the fact that i could follow through with killing bad guys.

Dreamed by: niki