Please Don't Be Too Rough on Me, My Friends

After watching dead alien autopsies and other Area 51 stories on TV, I had a stange dream...Sitting around the house with my boyfriend, an electromagnetic presence of a supernatural source came upon us . Though we could not see it, we could feel it. This presence increased and everything was shining in the room. I was enjoying it, telling my friend that it was safe. It felt like a multi sensory electrical stimulant. As it got stronger and stronger, I woke up to find myself ill with a tremendous headache, tittinitus, very fast heartbeat, and gasping for air. This dream had a tremendous effect on my physionomy! It took me an hour to get back to normal. I even called the poison center to see if my 160mg daily dose of Ginko Biloba (the only active substance I take) could cause such a strong reaction. Having ruled out all internally ingested substances, I am inclined to believe that my mind was effectively scanned by an unexplained source.

Dreamed by: Beachcat