Clowns with Shotguns

I am trying to dial 911, but the call won't go through (this is a recurring event in my dreams). Finally, I get an operator & I ask her if help is on the way. She sneers "Oh, yeah you *bet* there's help on the way). I hang up & hear a siren approaching. I look out in the street, but don't see anything. Then I realize it is coming from the train tracks out in back of my house. The siren gets louder, and starts to make all kinds of comical sounds, like imitating wolf whistles and going "woooop de doooooo". A crazy red trolley car pulls up, bouncing on its springs. It is loaded down with clowns, they all have shotguns. It comes to a halt, & all the clowns jump off. I statr running and they chase me up the hill. I try to hide in a pit, but am surrounded by them. The lead clown has his shotgun up to my face & I grab the barrel & try to move it to one side or the other. Then I woke up.

Dreamed by: Doc