Critters, Chop Suey Style

I'm sitting in my room, sleeping.... and suddenly, I wake up to this thunderous thwack. I hear giggles coming from outside my door and so, I get out of my bed, and the next thing I know.. I'm in some old house, kinda like the Munster's but a bit less 'cob-webby'.... I realize that I'm standing in the living room. My friend, Joanne, appears out of nowhere, and starts screaming "The Critters are here!!! The Critters are here!!!" She's hysterical and gestulating like some maniac and runs up to me. She starts screaming again, and we start running up some stairs. I hear more giggles and this bunch of Critters, much like in the movie... starts running after us. We run from room to room... and we end up in this small dusty room. Joanne screams and screams. I start screaming. And then I turn to Joanne and say.. "Wait!! I know what we can do!!" I run up to a closet, and grab a Hoover vacumn cleaner. Outside, I hear the Critters munching down the door. Joanne and I sit, with the Hoover in hand, and wait, scared shitless, as the Critters munch their way in. I power the Hoover up, and starts sucking in the Critters, one by one. I wake up.

Dreamed by: Sze Tan