A Cheesy Experience

Okay, so I was in my room and I heard a noise so I ran down the stair and there in my living room was Bob Saget surrounded by a bunch of farm animals. I freraked out and ran out of the house. Once I was outside I looked to my left and saw something far away between to bushes.

It slowly came closer and I could tell what it was.It was a giant floating cheddar cheese round with a leopard sitting on top. The leopard had a knife in his paw and was cutting cheese off the round and was eating it.the chees round was weaving from side to side and slowly getting closer.

I got scared so i ran to my garage, but I couldn't get the door open. I looked back and the leopard was right above me. He raised the knife and looked like he was going to kill me. and then i woke up.

Dreamed by: Julia